Apr 24, '22

La Villa Madie

Lunch with a view at La Villa Madie, the newest 3 Michelin star restaurant in France headed by chef Dimitri Droisneau. The view of the sea and the pinetrees is magnificent, the cooking- even more so. Originally from the Normandy, Dimitri has worked at top restaurants in Paris such as L’Ambroisie before moving to the South of France 15 years ago and taking over La Villa Madie with his wife Marielle in 2013.
Dimitri’s love for Le Sud reflects in his cooking, which is full of sun, colours and masterfully balanced flavours. The carabineros shrimp with beetroot and kumquat and sauce from their heads was outstanding, so as the turbot with sancho pepper sauce that worked beautifully. The rest of the dishes included local langoustine with caviar, asparagus by @sylvain_erhardt, honey barbecued veal (smoked in pines and burnt artichoke leaves), first strawberries from Baux de Provence and the excellent cheese trolley. Without any doubts, one of my best discoveries this year I can’t wait to revisit. 

Local langoustine with caviar
Turbot with sancho pepper sauce
first strawberries from Baux de Provence
First strawberries from Baux de Provence
Cheese trolley
Carabineros shrimp with beetroot and kumquat 
Honey barbecued veal
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