Aug 14, '06

La Côte Saint Jacques – a painting in your plate

Jean- Michel Lorain, the renown chef of La Côte Saint Jacques, is not only one of the best chefs in the world but a smart businessman as well. Apart from his 3 stars Michelin restaurant, his other businesses, the Relais and Châteaux hotel as well the culinary school are flourishing. (All located on the beautiful Yonne river).

The food was beyond perfection. Below you can see the images. Its better to see once than two hear a thousand times :).

“Anatomy of a dish on an oyster theme”

You could see the genesis of the dish. Each small pot was containing a certain stage of the creation. The first pot contained oat porridge,
the second- oat porridge with sorrel cream, the third- oat porridge with sorrel cream and warm oyster, the fourth pot contained all the ingredients together with the finishing touch- small “crêpe”. Very interesting dish!

oat porridge
Sea bass
“Lightly smoked sea bass, “oscietre” caviar sauce”
This dish is one of the dishes that La Côte Saint Jacques is famous for. Extraordinary.
Waguy beef
“Selected pieces of Waguy beef, Indian black pepper, light polenta, Swiss charb ribs”
Rose ice-cream
“Rose ice-cream in crisp Tulip shell and crystallized Rose petals”
I wish the light were better as this dessert was beautiful.
Meditation on the hazelnut
“Meditation on the hazelnut”
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