Nov 5, '07

Le Pré Catelan revisited

As I expected the dinner in Le Pré Catelan was flawless like last time. The only problem was that the autumn menu didn’t differ that much from the spring menu. Also, the choices in the menu were quite small, so unless you want to eat the same dishes every time, Le Pré Catelan is not the restaurant to go very often…

On the menu…

Onion and mushroom amuse bouche
Onion and mushroom amuse bouche. If you can call mushroom soup a masterpiece- this is it.
La Langoustine. Prepared in ravioli, served in extra virgin olive oil broth, perfumed with pepper and mint. “
Fried nems of langoustines,
Fried nems of langoustines, Romaine juice and peanuts“. French gastronomy – Asian influences. Very good.
L'Os à Moelle
L’Os à Moelle (marrow bone). One – perfumed with black pepper and grilled. The other- stuffed with cèpes and stewed cabbage à l’anncienne. Simmered in juice of Rôti” . Great classics of Frédéric Anton.
Le Bar. Pan fried, covered with browned and acidulated sesame and Aquitaine caviar.
Fregola Sarda
Fregola Sarda (toasted breadcrumb like pasta from Sardinia ) cooked in broth. Perfumed with white dry wine and olive oil. Small chanterelle mushrooms and shavings of Parmesan” Fregola Sarda was almost like risotto. Excellent.
Puffed-up sugar apple
“Puffed-up sugar apple, “Carambar” ice cream, cider and sparkling sugar.”
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