Dec 3, '06

Le Clos des Gourmets, Paris

hot pumpkin veloute ravioli of cocoa and hazelnuts
Hot pumpkin veloute ravioli of cocoa and hazelnuts

Le Clos des Gourmets (16 av Rapp, 75007, tel 01 45 51 75 61) is the right place for those who would like to feel the bourgeoise spirit of the 7th
arrondissement, but still eat something relatively light and with the
modern twist. The CV of the chef Arnaud Pitrois speaks for itself. He has
worked with the biggest chefs like Guy Savoy, Eric Frechon, Alain
Passard, Christian Constant…

Now… I don’t know if it’s good or bad to change your job at such a young age so often (If I were a potential employer, I would ask “why?” :)), but Arnaud Pitrois knows how to cook. His “néo-bourgeois” cooking is sincere, balanced and delicious. The 35 € prix fixe lunch menu is attractive, but I wish there were also “à la carte” as the lunch of three courses ends up being really filling!

Not speaking of some classical “bourgeois” dishes like “braised beef
with red wine sauce” or “creme brulee of foie gras”, the menu offers
also some more interesting dishes like ” hot pumpkin veloute, ravioli of cocoa and hazelnuts” (which was wonderful) or “semi-cooked tuna on the caramelized chicory tart”. The desserts choice was a little too creamy and too heavy for a two-course lunch like “mille-feuille pastry with chicory cream…” or “tangerine tiramisu with Grand Marnier”…. But if you are really hungry, you will enjoy them!

By the way, if you are not Catherine Deneuve ( it’s one of her favourite restaurants), or not the locals who have been here “zillions “of times, expect to be snubbed by the host 🙁

Semi-cooked tuna on the caramelized chicory tart
Semi-cooked tuna on the caramelized chicory tart
mille-feuille pastry with chicory cream
Mille-feuille pastry with chicory cream
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