Sep 18, '14

Live scallops and baby John Dory at Hedone


While jumping shrimps, as seen at Noma few years ago, are not really my cup of tea, scallops, still being alive once served raw, is what you should normally expect from you scallops.  Mikael Jonsson from Hedone is one of those products obsessed chefs, who will go to great lengths to discover rare produce. This time it was scallops from Isle of Coll, which was still jiggling once touched with a fork. Their flavour was so pure, marine and intense, I could only compare them to the surreal scallops from Hokkaido, that are used at some of the best Tokyo’s sushi-ya. The other highlight of the meal was baby John Dory, so beautiful, delicate and tasty… My older reviews of Hedone can be found here, here and here.

scallops from Isle of Coll
Scallops from Isle of Coll
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