Jun 16, '06

L’Ostéria, Paris

L'Ostéria, Paris

Its long time ago I wanted to try this Italian restaurant in Marais (10 rue de Sevigne) as many guides claim that its the best Italian food in Paris. And.. one more time I learned that the great marketing and PR (especially the celebrities word of mouth) can make miracles.

It is a tiny tiny place which you cannot notice easily from the street. When we entered the place, the host ( who, we found out later was also taking orders and serving, and, was never smiling “I am famous” attitude ) placed us at our table and gave the menus. Now, the menus are worth a separate description. The menus were literally home printed and reminded ” a bad pupil’s” notes. Ok, it would be not that important if it were a cheap pizzeria, but it was a pricy restaurant after all…

Moreover, the room had no conditioning and it was 30 degrees hot outside, so, when one guy started smoking, the dinner was not very promising!

Only great food could have saved the dinner, but that was not the case either. And the starter (tomato mozzarella salad), and the main dishes (
pasta with summer truffles and pasta with morilles mushrooms ) were
nothing special, nothing to return for….

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