Jul 15, '06

Paul Bocuse

What can be better to celebrate Bastille’s day than a dinner in the Paul Bocuse restaurant? He is the father of French gastronomy, the legend that has been around for decades.

What I really didn’t expect was to meet Mr Bocuse in person as upon the arrival, he went to each table and said hi. (I thought he retired a long time ago!)

This is yesterday’s menu http://www.bocuse.fr/restaurant/cartes_menus.htm.
I had marinated salmon for first and “cassolette de homard” for the main dish. While my friend had the legendary soup of truffles (It was created especially for Elysee in 1975 and you can see it in the picture below) and Bresse chicken with morilles mushrooms for the main dish.

Yes, the food is super classical (and a little boring) and I am not sure if a young chef of today would get three stars for such kind of
cusine. But… its Paul Bocuse…. and the dinner was really special and kind of sentimental.

soup of truffles
The famous soup of truffles
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