Jul 3, '07

Restaurant de Bacon – a “must” of Antibes

Restaurant de Bacon

Restaurant de Bacon located in the old Antibes is another Tetou style fish restaurant that should be “a must” if one happens to be in that area. Like Tetou, Restaurant de Bacon is all about the long history of seafood preparation and remarkable quality products. 

In fact, it’s all about the product and the small creative gastronomic touches like sea bass with “mousseline” sauce and raviolis of zucchini and truffles…

Sea bass
Sea bass with “mousseline” sauce and raviolis of zucchini and truffles

Or a lobster salad, prepared with herbs, greens, small tomatoes and olive oil…

lobster salad
Lobster salad

The menu is extremely rich, with a big choice of various seafood that can be prepared in several ways. The centrepiece is the region’s classic, the bouillabaisse of course. I didn’t try it in this restaurant (just the night before I was in Tetou and one must be very unreasonable to enjoy bouillabaisse every day!)  but I saw the happy faces of the people eating it 🙂

The wild strawberry tart that was to die for… The other restaurant’s dessert speciality “Iced nougat with coulis of fresh raspberry” should be also not bad…

Iced nougat with coulis of fresh raspberry
Iced nougat with coulis of fresh raspberry

The surroundings of the place could be described as chic and relaxed at the same time…

Restaurant de Bacon
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