Aug 25, '20

Chez Michel

Marseillaise institution since 1946, Chez Michel specializes in bouillabaisse, once poor fishermen stew made of rockfish, they were not able to sell. Owned and run by now the 3rd generation of Visciano family, Chez Michel is proud to serve this elaborate dish in its own way, exactly how the founder of the restaurant, Michel Visciano used to make it. Exquisite broth made every morning from fish and shellfish, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, plenty of saffron and Provençal herbs, rouille and aïoli made to perfection and eaten on bread, and, of course the selection of the fish such as weever, red gurnard, conger and John Dory, simmered in the broth à la minute and carefully prepared next to your table. Wonderful voyage of senses in the sea and the land of the Mediterranean…

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