Aug 4, '12

Soelleroed Kro – the best meal in Denmark

For somebody who tends to daydream, Copenhagen can be a dangerous place. I was almost hit by a woman riding a bicycle  while walking with my dear Danish friend  from the train station to  Soelleroed Kro.* But how can you not daydream in Holte,a  charming little town located in the North of the Danish capital ?  After a short walk down the road across the  forest you find yourself in a peaceful village with one Michelin star (but worth at least two,I would even give three)  Soelleroed Kro restaurant  just in front of the church.

You feel immediately at home once you enter the 335 years old inn. Cosy and charming interior , friendly yet very professional service and the very welcoming host Jan Restorff, a real bon vivant, who is passionate about good food. (Christian Ebbe is the chef)  I’ ll be honest with you,  the dinner at Soelleroed Kro was the best meal I’ve ever had in Denmark. Maybe cooking at this restaurant doesn’t enter into the New Nordic Cuisine frames as French techniques and some foreign products are used…  But why not if those techniques and that cream and butter make those beautiful Danish sand shrimps or white asparagus taste so good?
The menu…
Oyster with celery sorbet and cucumber
Soelleroed Kro caviar “en surprise” (panna cotta, aspargus and lobster under the caviar)
Lobster terrine with peas and sorrel


Scallops with dill
Roasted turbot with white asparagus, sand shrimps and hollandaise sauce
White asparagus with summer truffles and brown butter

Lobster with chanterelles and sweetcorn

Sweetbreads with onions
Roasted  foie gras with asparagus and truffles
* My lesson learned after the trip to Copenhagen- beware of the bicycles and  look well to your left before crossing the street 😉


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