3 Michelin starred restaurants in Paris with the best lunch deals

Paris (series C)

Dining at 3 Michelin star restaurants in Paris is definitely not a cheap experience. A single dish might cost around 100 euros and over.  Most of the 3 Michelin star restaurants though offer much better deals at lunch (except for Guy Savoy and L’Ambroisie ). Here are the prices for lunch menus at 3 Michelin restaurants in Paris in ascending order. ( Winter 2014; prices without wine pairing)



Lunch (starter, fish, meat and dessert ): 70 euros

Pierre Gagnaire


Lunch( 5 amuse bouches, main course, desserts):  85 euros150 euros for a lunch tasting menu.

Le Pré Catelan


Lunch ( starter, main dish, cheese, dessert,coffee and petits fours ) : 105 euros

Ledoyen  http://commercial.groupeepicure.com/homeledoyen.html
Lunch ( starter, main course, cheese and dessert ) : 128 euros

Alain Ducasse at Le Meurice


Lunch (two starters, one main dish, cheese and dessert) : 130 euros

Epicure  http://www.lebristolparis.com/fr/restaurants-et-bars/epicure/

Seasonal menu ( starter, main dish, cheese and dessert) : 135 euros



Lunch tasting menu  (9 courses ) : 140 euros

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  • Allan

    Have you tried a few of these lunch deals?And if so which is your favorite one.Thanks.
    Love your blog.

    • luxeat

      I’ve been to all of them for lunch, but took lunch menus only at Le Pré Catelan, Ducasse and L’Arpège. I would say that L’Arpège is the most generous in the variety of dishes, while Ducasse is quite basic and I would have preferred other dishes on their à la carte menu.

      • Allan

        Thanks.We tried the lunch menu at L’Astrance last year (we live in Beijing and come to Paris once per year) and were slightly disappointed.

      • Allan

        We went to L’Arpege in June for lunch.In short it was simply terrible.Biggest disappointment and waste of money in the month and a half we stayed in Paris.

  • Excellent listing, Aiste. How would you compare the quality of the lunch menus of top dining destinations in Paris Vs their peers in Tokyo. To be more precise, would you say that in Tokyo, their lunch menus are virtually very close to their more elaborate night offerings whereas in Paris that is less the case? PS: Is the 128 euros the current price of the menu Dejeuner at Ledoyen? Just asking because about 3 years ago, if I recall properly, it was far less than that. Also: did you have the 70 euros at L’Astrance? If Yes, was the difference in quality and amazement considerable to you (compared to their evening’s menu)? 140 euros for the lunch menu at L’Arpège is a bargain in my opinion since I find Passard to really give all he has and his brigade is simply inspired night and day, lol . And what a Chef, Mr Passard!